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While it is a human being, GhostTracker is actually a 100 series of subjects created by the R3 Campus North division of human enhancement. Its primary function is to neutralize hostile subjects in the event of a power surge. Its right arm is connected with electrodes and specialized equipment, GhostTracker while its eye is connected to sophisticated sensors for detecting subjects. After the R3 corporation was destroyed, GhostTracker continued to serve within the 107th Subject Retrieval Division.

GhostTracker is part of the R3 Enhancement Program and wears a special suit to protect himself from self-contact, which could lead to unconsciousness. His right hand is covered with glowing parts, which conceals to prevent conflict. He is a perfect candidate for the position due to his steadfastness, tomboyishness, and determination. GhostTracker is a very popular character in the videogame and is one of the most famous.